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Nurek HPP

Nurek HPP

Nurek hydroelectric power plant, with the ca­pacity of 3000 MW, the largest hydroelectric power plant of Central Asia as of today– is located on one of the greatest rivers of Va­khsh region and is the third step of the Vakhsh cascade. Nurek HPP is located in 80 km from Dushanbe - the capital city of Republic of Tajikistan

Nurek waterworks facility has big power value for the Republic of Tajikistan, it is intended for development of a national economy and for an irrigation of the big areas of the fertile earths in Tajikistan, Uzbekistan and Turkmenistan.

Nurek HPP construction began in 1961, the first water­works facility capacity of 300 MW was put into operation in 1972, the designed capacity of power plant 2700 MW was reached in 1979.

Director - Shoiddinov Fazliddin Tavakalovich

Tel.: (+ 992-31-38) 295-350; 295-550,

  Fax: (+ 992-31-38) 2-34-59; 2-14-65

Year:  1972
Aggregates:  9х300 MW
Total installed capacity:  2700 MW

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