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Baipaza HPP

Baipaza HPP

Baipaza hydroelectric power plant on the river Vakhsh in Tajikistan is located at the distance of 32 km below Nurek water­works facility. The channel type plant Baipaza hydroe­lectric power plant was put in commission in 1989 - the fourth step of Vakhsh cascade with capacity of 600 thousand in kW (4x150 MW) and the maximum pressure of 62 m, with annual development of 2,5 billion kW.h. It is intended for daily regulation of the water passed through the turbines of Nurek hydroelectric power plant.

Year of the building of the basic constructions - 1981.

The 1st hydraulic unit commissioning was carried out in January, 1985.

The 4th (last) - in 1986. 

The director - Rustam Zogakov Saidovich

Tel .: (+ 992-31-38) 2-32-44; 295-350

  Fax: (+ 992-31-38) 2-32-44; 295-651

Year:  1985
Aggregates:  4х150 MW
Total installed capacity:  600 MW

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