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Kairakkum HPP

Kairakkum HPP

Kairakkum HPP , which is called “Friend­ship of the people” was put in operation in 1957, has begun a complex development of hydropower re­sources of Central Asian rivers.

The use of the water-power resources of Kairakkum wa­terworks facility has a great value for economy of northern part of Tajikistan.

The earthen alluvial dam consists of two sites: channel and inundated. The dam basis is lied by the ledge rock covered from above with insignificant thickness alluvial. 

Director -Avezov Faizullo Habibovich

Fax: (+ 992-34-43) 2-29-25

Tel.: (+ 992-34-43) 295-450

Year:  1956
Aggregates:  6х21 MW
Total installed capacity:  126 MW

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