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Varzob HPP-1

Varzob HPP-1

Included in the structural unit of "Cascade Varzob HPP".

The beginning of development of power of Tajikistan was building Varzob HPP-1 capacity of 7,15 thousand kW. The first stone of the future hydroelectric power station has been put in pawn in solemn conditions on February, 25th, 1931. Prior to the beginning of building of this power station capacity of all power stations of the country made only 690 kW and on each inhabitant was developed no more than 1 kW of the electric power a year.

The first hydrounit Varzob HPP-1, begun development of hydropower resources of the country, has been placed in operation in the end of 1936, and since then the hydroelec­tric power station successfully works in an automatic mode without the personnel on duty. In 1937 only on Varzob HPP-1 it has been developed 12 million kW.h the electric power, its capacity has been finished to 7,1 thousand in kW. The construction of the first concerns this time AL 35 kV in the extent of 14 km from Varzob HPP-1 to Dushanbe.

Director of Cascade Varzob HPP - Tabarov Abdulahad Gurezovich

Tel .: (+ 992-372) 224-55-92; 224-82-87 

Year:  1936
Aggregates:  2х3720 kW
Total installed capacity:  7440 kW

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