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Varzob HPP-3

Varzob HPP-3

Included in the structural unit of "Cascade Varzob HPP".

After input Varzob HPP-2 in 1952 it is put into operation Varzob HPP-3 by the established capacity of 7,2 thousand in kW. It had been fin­ished creation of the cascade of hydroelectric power station on river Varzob by the general established capacity of 25,4 thousand in kW.

According to tripartite agreement between OSHPC Barki Tojik and Indian company BHEL and NPTC in 2012, the Varzob HPP-1 was modernized completely. The capacity of HPP from 4,75MVt leaded to 9,5 MVt.

Director of Cascade Varzob HPP - Tabarov Abdulahad Gurezovich

Tel .: (+ 992-372) 224-55-92; 224-82-87

Year:  1952
Aggregates:  2х1760 kW
Total installed capacity:  3520 kW

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