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Sangtuda-2 HPP

Sangtuda-2 HPP

Sangtuda-2 HPP is the second HPP in Sangtuda generation center, located between Baypaza and Golovnaya HPP in Vakhsh cascade of power plants.
The total installed capacity of 220 MW.
At the power plant has two units with a capacity of 110 MW. The first unit introduced in 2011.
Power after entering its full capacity for 12.5 years will belong to Iran and then gratuitously transferred to Tajikistan.

The representative of the Ministry of Economy and Industry of the Republic of Tajikistan Safarholov Mahmadamin
tel .: (+992) 98-109-05-20

Year:  2011
Aggregates:  2х110 MW
Total installed capacity:  220 MW

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