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Request for expresion of interest

Consuling services:

for Environmental Consultant of PRG “Energy Loss reduction” in the frame of Nurek Hydropower Rehabilitation Project Phase I.

(full-time engagement)

Nurek Hydropower Rehabilitation Project Phase 1

OSHC “Barqi Tojik”


Contract No: TJ NHPP CS05


Open Stock Holding Company “Barqi Tojik” has received loan and grant from the International Development Association and Loan from Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank and intends to apply part of the proceeds to eligible payments under the contract with individual consultant, which shall provide the services as Environmental Consultant of PRG “Energy Loss Reduction”.

The Nurek Hydropower Plant (HPP) located 80 km (by road) from Dushanbe at Vaksh river. The dam is a 300 meters high embankment dam with a watertight core, two spillway tunnels on the left bank, designed with a discharge capacity of 5400m3/s and has nine Francis turbines with an installed capacity of 3,000 MW.

The construction of HPP has started in 1961 and completed in 1979s. It is the only hydropower plant with a reservoir in Tajikistan. The initial installed capacity of the plant was 2700 MW, and then in 1988 it was increased to 3000 MW by upgrading of hydro turbines.

Nurek HPP is still a key facility for the generation of electricity in the country and supply more than 70% of the total power generation.

After four decades of operations, the Nurek HPP now requires major rehabilitation of its generating units and a series of works to ensure its continued safe operation. Increasing the available capacity of the Nurek HPP is key to achieving energy security in the country.

The executing agency for the project is Barqi Tojik (BT), a vertically integrated state-owned enterprise, which is the major service provider in the power sector covering all functions from generation and transmission to distribution and supply.


The Consultant will be responsible for the overall implementation, supervision and monitoring, of project works in accordance with the ESMP and reporting on environmental aspects of the project. This will include inspecting environmental compliance at worksites, advising BT and project participants on environmental safeguards, and coordinating overall environmental monitoring.

The Environment consultant will supervise the contractors‟ teams to ensure that all environmental commitments as outlined in the ESIA/ESMP are incorporated into the construction activities and work processes. Specifically, the Environment consultant’s responsibilities will include:

· Assist and support BT in implementation of environmental safeguard commitments as outlined in the project Financing Agreement.

· Help in preparation of ToR for ESIAs (Environmental and Social Impact Assessment) for any works that become known at a later stage during the project implementation, and may require preparation of ESIA/ESMP according to the country’s environmental regulations and/or World Bank’s safeguard policies.

· Implementation of all aspects of ESMP, including environmental screening and filling the checklists for each construction site to document and record the environmental performance, mitigation measures, compliance monitoring.

· Help BT in the approval of Site-specific EMPs to be prepared by the contractors and to ensure that these are approved prior to contractors’ starting implementation of physical works.

  • Ensure that environmental requirements are adequately included in the bidding documents;

· Provide input on environmental management, implementation arrangements for environmental safeguards in the Project Operational Manual;

  • Supervise and supporting contractors in achieving their responsibilities as outlined in the ESMPs and other environment related project documents;
  • Carry out frequent field visits and conduct monitoring for ESMP implementation;

· The Environment consultant will ensure that the project remains compliant throughout the implementation to the following World Bank operational policies and guidelines:

o OP / BP 4.01 Environmental Assessment

o OP / BP 4.04 Natural Habitats

o OP 4.09 Pest Management

o OP 4.11 Physical Cultural Resources

o OP / BP 4.12 Involuntary Resettlement

o OP 4.10 Indigenous Peoples

o OP / BP 4.36 Forests

o OP / BP 4.37 Safety of Dams

o OP / BP 7.50 Projects on International Waterways

o OP / BP 7.60 Projects in Disputed Areas

o Bank’s Policy on Access to Information

WB EHS Guidelines

The consultant will also make use of Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Guidelines in his/her supervision tasks.


The assignment will be implemented in the period from June 1, 2018 to July 31, 2019. Thereafter, the contract could be extended and the consultant would be hired on a full-time or part-time basis, based on periodic assessment of project environmental arrangements, and the associated level of effort required to sustain them.

Requirements for the assignment

This assignment will require an individual Consultant, who has:

- advanced degree in environmental sciences or related fields with engineering background;

- good knowledge of environmental legislation of the Republic of Tajikistan;

- at least-7 years of experience in the area of environmental management;

- experience in applying the procedures for environmental assessments and monitoring;

- experience in disposal of contaminants;

- experience in applying World Bank Safeguard policies and other IFIs;

- proficiency in English and Russian;

- computer literate;

- outstanding communicational, presentational and organizational abilities;

- previous experience with similar assignments will be an asset.

Interested consultant may obtain further information at the address below during office hours 08:00 to 17:00 of local time from Monday to Friday. CV and other relevant information must be submitted electronically to the email below.

The deadline for submitting an Expression of Interest is extended to 12:00, June 01, 2018.

Mr. Habibov Ubaidullo

Head of PRG

Energy Loss Reduction Project

OSHC Barqi Tojik

64, Somoni Street, Room 302,

Dushanbe 734026, Republic of Tajikistan

Fax: (+992-37) 295 658

E-mail: elrpbt@gmail.com

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