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Contract Awarded


Project Name: Central Asia South Asia Electricity Transmission and Trade CASA-1000 and Community Support Program CASA-1000

Country: Republic of Tajikistan

Project Number: P145054 and P165313

Report Period:

Awarded Firm: LLC “D-Media”

Address: Dushanbe, Tajikistan

Contract signature date: 31 August 2020

Method of Procurement/Selection: NCB, CQS

Price: 420 700,00 TJS

Duration: 24 months

Summary scope of contract: Public Relations and Communications Firm consultant services will provide professional services (“the Services”) regarding To deliver an external message to the Tajik society and outside that fulfills their common objectives - to inform and attract interest in the ongoing economic development and related trade and investment opportunities in the Tajikistan and region of projects. Overall the communications shall provide support to Barqi Tojik to establish and operate communications, external message to communities, offer suggestions for adjusting and building capacity during the implementation period and communications and public relations strategy and implementation plan in both construction and operation stages.

The CASA-1000 communications strategy is a comprehensive tool that will help the government structures involved in the CASA-1000 project implementation communicate the information on all project activities, present accurate and purposeful information to various audiences and receive feedback from concerned parties, as well as ensure that involved communities along CASA-1000 corridor of impact are well aware of the project activities, and able to seize the benefits. Communicating timely and accurate external messages to people in Tajikistan, including involved communities, and outside, will contribute to 1) mitigating any reputational risks associated with the project and moving project implementation forward; 2) understanding of the benefits of the project for country and regional economies and overall development; and 3) attracting interest in the economic development and related trade and investment opportunities in Tajikistan and the region made possible through the CASA-1000 project. The consultant will be responsible for the objectives of services as outlined in the ToR. 

The Consultant deliverables include the following:

  • 2 minutes video-clip on CASA-1000 Project;
  • Outreach information for community consultations and meetings;
  • Information materials (for media and for the website) about the CASA-1000 project;
  • 2 press conferences on the CASA-1000 project.
  • Information and communication materials on the CSP
  • Reports on joint visits and recommendations.

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