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1. Project objective. The initial proposed CASA-1000 project development objective is to facilitate the first electricity trade of 1,300 megawatts (MW) of existing summertime hydropower surplus between the two regions, involving the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan in Central Asia and Afghanistan and Pakistan in South Asia. Project preparation was guided by the 4-country minister-level Inter-Governmental Council (IGC) with a Secretariat that was put in place in 2011 and through consultations with the 10-member Central Asian Regional Economic Cooperation (CAREC) program. The project is expected to consist of the construction and operation of transmission infrastructure in the four countries, associated technical assistance during implementation, and mechanisms for the sharing of benefits with communities along the transmission corridor and would contribute to alleviating power supply shortages in Pakistan and Afghanistan and would enhance revenues and economic prospects in the Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan.

2. Project components in Tajikistan. Out of the 500 kV line from Datka to Sugd-500 about 25 km lies in Tajikistan. Between Sugd-500 and Sangtuda the electricity will be transmitted through the Tajik grid, which will, therefore, be strengthened with a 500kV single circuit line from Regar to Sangtuda (115 km). It is proposed altogether about 610 Towers to be built - 10 for the 500 kV line, 300 for the grid strengthening, and 300 for the HVDC line). Additionally a 1,300 MW AC-DC convertor station will be built to transform alternative current (AC) used in the national networks into direct current (DC) for transmission a high voltage and vice versa at Sangtuda. The converter station will measure approximately 400 m x 400m and will be sited outside city limits in a permanent fenced off facility. It will also require road or rail access for heavy components such as converter transformers (which can weigh 160 tons or more).

The HVDC line there will be built on Electrode Line and Ground Electrode, which will require two conductors and steel poles/ towers.

3. Expected Beneficiaries. Communities along the transmission corridor which can potentially get jobs during the construction phase of the project, people in Pakistan and Afghanistan due to alleviating power supply shortages, OSHC “Barky Tojik”, Kyrgyz Republic and Tajikistan economy due to enhanced revenues and economic prospects.

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