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Contract Award Notice

Republic of TAJIKISTAN

OSHC “Barqi Tojik” – Executive Agency

Project: Power Sector Development Program

Grant no: ADB 53315-001-TAJ

Package description: Project Implementation Consultant

Method of selection: ADB Quality and Cost Based Selection (QCBS)

Ranking of consulting firms which submitted their technical and financial proposals





Price Read Out

Financial Score

Combined Score

Final Ranking

Mercados Aries International S.A – lead firm

TajHydro Consulting - sub-consultant




Euro 3 233 763.00 US$ 794 280.00




Joint Venture: GOPA-International Energy Consultants GmbH

Kalki Communication Technologies Pvt. Ltd




US$ 3 802 458.00

US$ 798 840.00




Joint Venture: CESI S.P.A. Infrasokhtor Mushovir LLC (Member)

Italy Tajikistan


Euro 3 659 734.00

US$ 794 280.00




Joint Venture: Pгotasis Applications and studiesеs of protection control and supervision of electrical energy networks societe аnonyme

Biosafety S.A. JV Partner




US$ 4 469 000.00




Contract award

On a basis of systematic evaluation in accordance with ADB procurement procedures, and overall ranking Mercados Aries International S.A. (Spain) Tajhydro Consulting (Subconsultant) (Tajikistan) was determined as the first ranked firm with contract price in the amount of up to Euro 3 233 763.00(say Three million two hundred thirty three thousand and seven hundred sixty three Euros) and US$ 794 280.00 (say Seven hundred ninety four thousand and two hundred eighty US dollars).

The contract duration period shall be 40 months.

Summary Scope of Services

The project consists of the following components:

Policy component for comprehensive sector reforms: (i) unbundling of the state-owned vertically integrated power utility, (ii) establishment of a regulator, (iii) new tariff methodology, (iv) debt restructuring and (v) central control of sector’s cash resources to ensure priority payments to commercial liabilities.

Project component for investments in retail metering in Dushanbe + 6 major cities to address collection issues and lack of sector’s loss accounting

Consulting services

1) Review contractor’s design proposals and check for compliance with specification.

2) Approve contactor’s detailed design.

3) Review contractors’ test procedures and test reports.

4) Review contractor’s as-built drawings and operation and maintenance manuals

5) Provide expert advice on all aspects of the works undertaken, especially regarding project management, measurement, contracts monitoring and quality control.

6) Review and monitor contractor’s safety plans.

7) Monitor commissioning and testing activities.

8) Participate in site acceptance tests if required, and interim and final acceptance of works.

9) Attend at Factory Acceptance Tests as required by the PMU.

10) Review and monitor Contractors implementation programs.

11) Ensure programming, recording, measurement and accounting of the works.

12) Monitor progress and report to the PMU on any aspect that may delay the time of completion or cost of the works

13) Review contract variation and payment requests.

14) Assist in determining the value and time impact of variation orders and contract amendments.

15) Prepare payment certificates

16) Assist in monitoring compliance with covenants in the financing agreement.

17) Assist the PMU in processing disbursement requests following ADB’s Loan Disbursement Handbook20 or EBRD’s Disbursement Handbook for Public Sector Loans21

18) Support the PMU in preparing the project financial statements

19) Assist with procurement issues during project implementation is needed.

20) Prepare monthly and quarterly progress reports.

21) Prepare Project Completion Report

22) Assist in implementing of the project environmental, social safeguard plans and the gender action plan.

23) The PIC will conduct capacity building of BT and PMU through on the job training and technology transfer. In addition the PIC will:

a. conduct a one-week training for Metering and Billing systems for selected of PMU and BT specialists in BT’s main office

b. arrange for contarctor(s) to provide operation and maintenance training for BT staff on stable operation of the AMI system

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