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1.1 Preamble
1. This report represents the Semi-Annual Environmental Monitoring Review (SAEMR) for Golovnaya 240 MW Hydropower Rehabilitation Project, ADB Grant 0376-TAJ, covering the period from January-June 2021.
2. This report is ninth SAEMR for the project.
1.2 Headline Information
3. The impact of the Project is expected to be increased supply of renewable energy to national and regional power systems from 743 GWh in 2012 to 1,130 GWh in 2026. The Project outcome will be increased weighted average generation efficiency of the power plant from maximum 83% to 89%. The Project output will be rehabilitated Golovnaya HPP with generation capacity increased from 240 MW to 252 MW.
4. Minor change in scope was approved in June 2018 for full replacement of turbines and generators of units 3 and 6 instead of refurbishment, which will increase total generation capacity of the Golovnaya HPP to 270 MW.
5. Minor change in Project scope was approved in July 2019 under the form of a subproject “Rehabilitation of Golovnaya 110 kV facility and construction of new 110 kV Rudaki substation in Vose district, as well as of a new 10 km overhead transmission (OHTL) line between the two substations” contracted in September 2019 (contract effectiveness in December 2019).

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